About Us

Tint-N-Shade (the art world) is a signature studio of an Indian artist, Anjali Agarwal , who specialises in contemporary and modern art. Having formal education in the field of fine arts, she has been imparting the knowledge of art since 1996.

Her techniques are evolved over a period of time using different strokes, medium and style. Anjali's focal point is in fusion of Tanjore, a highly specialised form of art of characteristically beautiful ornamental relief work, with North-Indian detailed miniature forms and use of Tantra symbols with Calligraphy.

Our creations bring life, by integrating contemporary design with classical styles in finest Tanjore Paintings, 3D-Murals, Stained Glass, mixed media, miniature and marble paintings etc.

Tanjore Paintings

Padamnabham, made from 24k gold foil and original swarovski crystals.

Our Work

We excel in wall art, 3D relief work, customized tanjore paintings, murals, marble paintings, oil and acrylic paintings, artistic mirrors, pottery and other artifacts.

Stone Dust Relief - Krishna

3D Relief with Gold Work

Jain mandir shri pavapuri ji siddhe.

3D Relief - Tree of Life

Acrylic on Canvas - Abstract

Oil on Canvas